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Craig Paul Clothing, Area-Wide Custom Clothier Who Comes To Your Home Or Office (HC)

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About 5 years ago, I got a cold call from Dan Sweet, who was then at Tom James, a custom suit maker. By chance, I needed a new suit and decided to meet with him to see what they offered. I'm a bit of an odd size, so I've always paid a fortune for alterations to off-the-rack suits. As it turned out, Dan was able to put me in a custom suit for little more than what I would have paid for anything decent at a department store once alterations were factored in. It looked great and fit much better than anything I'd had before. I still have that original suit, and over time Dan replaced all of the suits in my closet.

Last year, Dan left Tom James and started Craig Paul Clothing. I now have one of their suits, a sport coat, and two custom shirts, and couldn't be happier with them. They look great, and are a significant increase in quality over what Tom James offered (which were already good, durable suits). They also really excel at the details (functional cuff buttons, button fly trousers, etc.). Best of all, they're probably the cheapest custom clothier out there. If you've ever been interested in having a suit made (and aren't planning a trip to Asia any time soon), give Craig Paul a call. They'll come to you at home or your office. They do women's clothing too.

Rich Boone

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