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Sugarloaf Chimney Restoration, Owner Jerry Neal's Honest, Thorough Chimney Work in Barnesville (HC)

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Sugarloaf Chimney Restoration has inspected and cleaned chimneys at the three houses I've owned since 1997, and installed a wood stove for me last year. It's a small business, which means you might have to wait a few days to get your phone call returned, but Jerry Neal knows what he's doing and will never try to sell you an unneeded service or part (unlike another chimney sweep company I used twice, who tried to scam me). More info about his credentials here. He has always been punctual (or called if running late), friendly, professional, and willing to explain how things work.

Here's a story about Jerry: One day I dropped by my mother's house for a visit. She was just taking cinnamon rolls out of the oven and had coffee ready to brew - not for me, but for Jerry. Seems Jerry is as much a Steelers fan as she was, and he always scheduled his time so he could spend 15 minutes with her when the work was done.

If you like large impersonal corporations who do their work in a perfunctory way, Sugarloaf Chimney is not for you. If you appreciate independent operators with knowledge and skill, heart and soul, call Jerry.



ps: now is a good time to have your chimney work done

Elizabeth Miller

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