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Spumoni ice cream -- fond memories of "the Hill" in St. Louis

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Where does a girl get some spumoni* ice cream in the DC/MD/VA area?

It's something I grew up with in St. Louis where most of the nice "Aitalian" restaurants offered it. While I kind of despised it in the beginning, I grew to love it and have been thinking about it recently. it seems like the world has outgrown it...or do I just not get around enough?

please help!

*it's not spumoni (to me) if it doesn't have pistachios and pistachio ice cream layered or folded in.

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Rocco's in McLean has it on the menu, but I can't imagine its anything other than industrial grade. I loved this place as a kid, and went to high school with Rocco Jr. (who sadly passed), but I don't recall it being all that great when I returned a number of years ago.

You can probably buy it at The Italian Store and/or Vace in Cleveland Park and Bethesda.

Thanks you!

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