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Chi Mc, Little River Turnpike in Annandale - KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) Every Bit As Good As the old Bon Chon Space

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The Bon Chon in Annandale is no longer called Bon Chon. They have a banner with the new name covering up the Bon Chon sign (see pic). The font on the sign is a little hard to read, but the name looks like Chi-Mc. Also says Chicken and Beer. According to the note on the door, the name change starts Jan 2013. The note also says that they're also going to be closed for a couple of weeks from Feb. 4 for renovation (pic of note also attached).


The Annandale Bon Chon location is now called Chi Mc, and is almost *exactly* the same as Bon Chon was, with slightly better service and (I think) a few more options to choose from.

Matt "took me" :) there for Father's Day (he *loves* chicken wings), and it was wonderful - everything Bon Chon ever was, and perhaps more.

I phoned my order in at 4:35, and they said it'd be ready at 5:10 (we ate in).

They said they were out of drummies, so we got one Large Wings and a bottle of ShoChu ($33.95) and one Medium Wings ($14) - I can't find the receipt, so I'm going from memory here. We ordered them both half soy-garlic and half spicy, and plenty of drumsticks did appear after all.

After receiving the shochu, and a large, thin, (temperature)-hot bowl of tofu-onion-soy soup, and two bowls of chilled, pickled radish cubes (the perfect chaser to the spicy chicken) - the chicken came, and it was virtually identical to Bon Chon's. It met our expectations and more.

Matt flubbed a piano recital, and drowned his sorrows in chicken wings this evening - as a dear friend told me, "chicken wings are a unifying force of nature," and she's right. We had a fantastic time - thanks, Matt!

Initialized strongly in Italic.

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Sounds like a perfect Father's Day- for our grad/Father's Day picnic on Saturday, besides smoked chicken thighs, I picked up drumsticks & marinated them in a Thai lemongrass mix & my son handled the grilling. The first food requested (by my 6 yr old nephew) was 'some of that chicken. & bean dip'- he also got in a rib eating comp w/ his other cousin at the end of the evening, they each put away 5-6 ribs, I was impressed (especially after J told them they had to get EVERY piece of meat off the bone). I hope everyone enjoyed good food on Father's Day, & thought of their Dad (& their kids, if they have them)....

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My brother and I had dinner there tonight.  Barbara was supposed to join us, but the meeting she was at ran late.  We pre-ordered a large order of drumsticks and a medium order of wings, both half and half. We also shared a bottle of soju, offered with a bowl of fish cake soup.  It was a clear fish broth, brown, very fishy, with lots of green onions and slices of fish cake.  I'm not sure how good it was, but it was supposed to be good with soju.  The chicken was as good as ever.

One odd thing was that an 18% gratuity was added to our check.  This is unusual for a party of two or three and wasn't mentioned by the staff.  I noticed it, and so I didn't double-tip.  I probably should have asked about it but I didn't feel like making anyone uncomfortable.

Barbara's now eating her leftovers, and the chicken is still crispy.  It's great fried chicken.

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