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Dutch Eating Place, Amish-Run Breakfast and Lunch Counter in Reading Terminal Market

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Dutch Eating Place in Reading Terminal Market

This Amish-run, counter-seating spot is probably the best place to grab breakfast in Philly. Oh, I love my diners (Little Pete's), but the food here can not be beat-nor the price. I enjoyed fresh orange juice along with an egg platter that included excellent scrapple; crisp on the outside and creamy cornmeal inside. Toasted rye bread was slathered with their homemade butter. Mr. MV ordered blueberry pancakes-3 large cakes that overflowed the plate. Service was incredibly friendly and the prices were very reasonable. Get there early on Sat. or be prepared to wait in line for a seat. DEP opens at 8am on Sat, closed Sun.


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we shouldn't have eaten so close before dinner, which was a wallop of a breakfast at the dutch eating place in the reading terminal market of the eggiest apple and cinnamon French toast imaginable, sopping in butter, sitting by thick slices of turkey bacon. If I had come to fork famished, I would have loved it. I would have licked its plates. (and there is some truth to this: one of the most gratifying meals I have had in my entire life was at a gloppy Eskimo Chinese restaurant beyond Whitehorse after subsisting for a week along the dempster highway on pudding pops, apple sauce and caribou jerky.)

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