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Momoyama, Weekday-Only Japanese at 2nd and C Streets NW near Judiciary Square Metro

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Had lunch at Momoyama (231 2nd Street NW) yesterday. I was very pleased with my "Eel Box" ($10.95) bento: a bento-sized unadon (grilled eel over unvinegared rice), six pieces of eel roll, seaweed salad, three pieces of tempura, and green salad with sesame dressing. The eel was tasty, if a little oversauced for my liking on both the donburi and the roll. But everything tasted fresh, and the tempura was well cooked and not greasy. Very good, especially for an eleven-dollar bento. And I like saying "eel box."

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I am very fond of Momoyama, and while it's crowded at lunch (it's a tiny place), it's not crowded at dinner. So if you're in the neighborhood at dinnertime, looking for a good out-of-the-way place, this is it.

They're good at frying -- nice tempura, generally light and not greasy - and I like their steamed shrimp shu mai. The boxes and daily specials are excellent deals, with lots of food for the price. Ordering a la carte will add up more quickly, though I am a big fan of the shrimp hand roll, which is a nori cone filled with big fresh cooked shrimp, some rice, some avocado, and some spicy sauce. Love the freshness of their shrimp. I'm not a raw sushi eater so can't speak to that.

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Seems like a pretty good deal considering frozen unagi now costs upwards of $14 each at the grocery store now. How much did they give you in the unadon portion?

If I recall correctly, it was three or four slices, probably about 2 or 2-1/2" each. The unadon was in one of the larger sections of the bento box, and the amount of eel did not strike me as skimpy.

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