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dr.com HH for KMango at Izakaya Seki, Wed, July 17th, 5-7PM - Postponed!

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On Wednesday, July 17th, we'll be meeting to enjoy Lemon Sours, Beer, and Sake at Izakaya Seki. There's really no particular reason for this happy hour, other than that we'll

be saying goodbye to our beloved KMango!

who is moving to Dallas-Fortworth with her husband, and therefore we'll be paying tribute to one of the greatest members we've ever had!

(She asked me not to make a big deal out of this, and to keep it low key, so I am going to honor her request and nix the marching band. Of course, this won't be "goodbye forever," since she'll be running our Dallas Farmers Market forum once she gets moved in and settled.) :)

Please chime in here and say whether or not you're coming, just so the restaurant knows how big of a space to block off.

I will be there.

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Unfortunately, our Guest Of Honor has been sucked into Work Hell on Wednesday, and so we're going to have to postpone this event.

Because of this, it makes good sense to get everyone together for two Guests Of Honor, KMango and hillvalley - since they're both leaving and leaving soon, so this would need to be sometime within the next few weeks.

More details later after coordinating with people, but the important information is: this event is postponed!

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