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Spring House Farm, Heritage breed hogs (and more) in Loudoun County

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Spring House Farm is one of farms I have been looking for ever since I moved to Leesburg. You get from them heritage breed hogs from folks who know and provide more custom cuts than typical farmers do. I have a couple specific needs, but one troublesome one has been getting a skin-on whole pork side to make bacon semi-annually. It’s been tough sledding to find quality sides. Ecofriendly was my go to in Arlington, but its not easy to get stuff of that quality and that cut. Even a high dollar farm like Ayrshire, was not able to do this for me.

Spring House Farm is a small farm in Lovettsville, Va owned by Andrew Crush. They have a herd of hogs, Large Black and Mulefoot, both great heritage breeds that are less common today. The pork off of these hogs is just off the hook. His hogs have been featured at Cochon 555 in DC and Miami. Until recently he sold exclusively to restaurants (in Loudoun he sells to The Wine Kitchen, Market Table Bistro, and in DC he sells to Birch and Barley and Seasonal Pantry to name a few). They just started to offer a meat CSA and they have a few pickup points in the Northern Va area and one in DC (it’s at Seasonal Pantry). Anyway after visiting the farm, seeing the product (I picked up a 30 lb side from him), and meeting with him and his family, I was sold.


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