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Continental Midtown, "Global Tapas" at S. 18th and Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square

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I've seen a few mentions of Continental Midtown on this board, while it may not be the finest dining in Phila, I always have a blast when I go. If you've never been , just imagine what Willy Wonka would do if he turned his hand to savory instead of sweet. One of my all-time favorite dishes there is the lobster mac n cheese. Our good friends and Conde Nast were kind enough to post the recipe for us and here's a link...My link [Editor's note: Cookie (along with Gourmet and Modern Bride) went out of business in October, 2009, and this link no longer exists - if anyone can find it in Conde Nast's site, please alert me and I will replace it. DR]

Yes, it's enough cheese, cream and butter to choke an ox...but, so yummy! I can't wait to try this.

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For brunch this morning we were going to go to Honey's Sit 'n Eat, but the line outside was daunting. We headed over to Market for a quick bite at Fork etc, but ended up at Continental on the corner of market & 1st. Great brunch - my friend had a huge plate of brioche french toast with caramelized banana and I had the roasted tomato frittata with fontina & bacon served with a side of grits & multi-grain toast. They start you off with a passion fruit slushie too!

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