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Malbec wine and basil lime marinated wild caught Chilean sea bass kabob

Chef Seb

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Good Afternoon to the wonderful community of Mr. Don Rockwell's website and happy Saturday everyone!

As many of you may know that my restaurant has been getting a lot of attention lately and I feel truly blessed. I am so content with everything that has been happening to Amoos that I feel like there's not enough hours in my day to keep growing and move faster.

So as my way of appreciation, I am posting my own personal sea bass recipe that we served as a special for dinner few weeks back and it was a huge hit. I also cooked this dish for a friends birthday BBQ that everyone seemed to enjoy. So I thought it would be good way of showing you folks on this site how much I appreciate the love that you have showed my family and I by posting this very tasty recipe.

Its really easy to make and all you need is a functioning grill, a blender and wooden skewers.

Let me know if you any questions or need help.

Obviously the fish is the most important part of this process and therefore it is very critical that you get the right fish, otherwise the true potential of this entrée would be compromised. In order to get the right fish, there are few spots in and around Washington D.C that sell very good quality fresh wild caught black Chilean sea bass. The fish market on the waterfront has the freshest fish and I normally get my fish from them when it comes to cooking at home.  But for those of you who live in the center or around the city of Washington, your best bet would be Whole Foods Market either on Wisconsin Ave in Glover Park DC or the one on Wilson Blvd in Arlington VA. Whole Foods has the best wild fish compared to other grocery stores.

8oz of sea bass is needed per serving, so if you are cooking for 4 people, then you'd need to get 2lbs of the fish, if its for 2 people, then you'd need only 1lbs.

When buying the fish, ask who's ever is serving you, to give you the center cut fillets. This is important because its the firmest part of the fish which contributes big time when it comes to skewering and grilling this amazing fish.

Once you have the fish, you'd need to cut it into 3 inch cubes. Do not take the skin off. The fat on the skin provides a lot of flavor.


How to make the marinate using a blender:

You need a 1/2lbs of fresh organic basil leaves (pluck the leaves from stems), 1 cup of Argentinean Malbec wine (preferably from Mendoza), 1 whole peeled organic lime, 1 whole peeled organic orange, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 1 tablespoon of black pepper, 2 table spoon of raw sugar, 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil, and 1/2 cup of heavy cream.

First, poor the wine and the heavy cream in to the blender then add the basil, orange, lime, salt, black pepper, raw sugar and olive oil.

Blend everything until the whole mix has completely liquefied.

How to marinate the fish:

Once the marinate is ready and you have cut the fish into 3 inch cubes, all you need is, to place the fish in a container that can be covered completely. The size of this container should be something similar to size of a shoe box. Once you have the fish in the container, you will need to poor the marinate over on top of it so the fish can be marinated over night in your refrigerator.

How to grill the fish:

When you're ready to grill the sea bass, make sure you are using a charcoal grill and that you have placed your charcoal in a hill shape so it provides equal amount of heat throughout the grill.

Skewer the fish cubes on the wooden skewers and place them on the grill for them to cook. Using a tongue, keep flipping the skewers so the can be cooked evenly. Once the fish gets a brown goldish crust, that's when you know your fish is ready.

You can enjoy the sea bass kabob with any kind of salad, rice or pasta. It goes with everything..... I hope you all enjoy this recipe like as many of my guests have enjoyed this amazing dish.

Please let me know how you have enjoyed it.

Bon Apetit!!


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