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Wasn't sure exactly where this should go, technically Deale is a suburb of Annapolis, kind of, but we have Annapolis as a suburb of Baltimore in the dining guide (also questionable, but I am going with the flow here).

Anyway have had two really good meals at Skipper's Pier, there is a new owner Dave (as opposed to Dave the old owner) and his wife is a pastry chef. Nice deck and outside bar, the inside is a little loud, but nice. We had: crab balls (of these are good, so little filler and so much really good crab), crabs (they only had Mediums left, but they picked us out some decent size mediums) which were also very good, corn on the cob- by the time we got to it not warm anymore so just ok, was better when hot I am sure. I had their asian cole slaw which I really liked, Mom and Roy had their mayo based. Hushpuppies that were perfect in texture and taste, not too big, warm and a little sweet, really good. Just some really good food that reminded me how much I miss living on the other side of the Potomac sometimes. For desert we had chocolate Smith Island Cake which was good, it had a mousse filling between each layer instead of frosting, was really good, I didn't think it tasted like Smith Island Cake, just a really good chocolate layer cake.

On Tuesday the Happy Hour special is $2 crabs and beer, not bad.


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