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Paisley Fig - Lizzy Evelyn's Terrific Wholesale Baked Goods, Moved inside of Ellē, and Offered at Numerous Restaurants


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I remember Tom Sietsema recently saying he's not really up on area pastry chefs - well, I'm not either; but I did want to issue a rave Yes! Yes! Yes! recommendation for Paisley Fig, Lizzy Evelyn's one-woman operation.

I've now had the good fortune to sample numerous treats made at the hands of this talented baker: a Semolina Peach Loaf (an individual-sized, eggy, pound-like cake), a Candied Ginger Scone, Salty Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Espresso Shortbread (to kill for), Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons, and an amazing 12-ounce bag of Cinnamon Maple Granola ($6.50) - too good to use as cereal, this is best enjoyed straight from its resealable bag. I have yet to try anything from here that fell short of great.

Lizzy's website is paisleyfig.com, but you can also find and enjoy her wares at Cork, Room 11 (which has a fine dessert program), and Cowgirl Creamery. I'd love to hear other people's feedback on these ferociously good treats.

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Paisley Fig is now based inside of Ellē in Mount Pleasant (would someone please start a thread for Ellē?). 

Paisley Fig used to be something of a hybrid wholesale/retail business, existing by itself in the nebulous region between the two; now, it has clearly been rebranded as being a wholesale baked-goods (which are featured at numerous restaurants, including Ellē), so I'm moving this thread to Shopping and Cooking, with continued admiration and adoration of Lizzy Evelyn's talent and product.

Here is Paisley Fig's website, which includes a list of restaurants and stores featuring their products.

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