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Food/Cooking videos on Youtube/Vimeo/etc


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Here's some stuff I watch:


A really well shot and edited series about local food producers mostly from around the NYC area.

Hot Thai Kitchen

A great Thai cooking series for beginners from western trained cook Pailin Chongchitnant. Charismatic, fluent in English and familiar with western kitchens.

Pan Asian

Music producer Skiz Fernando cooks food from around the world in his Baltimore kitchen. He is the author of "Rice and Curry; Sri Lankan Home Cooking"

Food Travel

Professionally produced short videos of chefs demonstrating how to cook Thai dishes and Thai versions of western dishes. Thai language, no subtitles.


Super enthusiastic Vahchef makes dishes from all over India. In English, but some Hindi terms for spices and techniques so it helps to know your way around the Indian kitchen. Lots of videos professionally made somewhere near Hyderabad.

Manjula's Kitchen 

Homemade videos of Jain Indian vegetarian cooking. Lots of good recipes.

Eat Now, Cry Later

Focused mostly on baking, a well shot and edited homemade series. Sav is Lao, so there's a few good videos of Lao and Vietnamese recipes, which is how I found her. I don't really care about baking.

Prae's Kitchen

All kinds of cooking, but in Thai.

Thai Foodcast

An older channel about Thai food, but in English!

Mark Wiens

Street food from around the world, but mostly Bangkok

Daym Drops

Ridiculous fast food restaurant reviews from the inside of a car.

My Drunk Kitchen

is still going.

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