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Yellow Ribbon Fund, a Bethesda Organization Dedicated to Helping Wounded Soldiers and Their Families

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I would like to recommend the Yellow Ribbon Fund as a non-profit organization that is worth supporting.  Based in Bethesda, the YRF was founded in 2005 to provide support to wounded service members and their families.  I discovered them while searching for an organization to which we could donate exercise equipment to benefit wounded warriors.  They placed our equipment and when I received a photo of a service member with a spine injury using our elliptical, that was all the reward I needed.

The YRF sponsors all kinds of activities to benefit and support the families of wounded warriors and pays for hotel rooms, rental cars and much more for families who have traveled here from out of state to visit their wounded at Walter Reed.

Restaurants in Bethesda, led by Jeff Heineman at Grapeseed, are supporting the YRF by donating part of their profits during restaurant week.  Jeff is also contributing a portion of every tab from the special DR.com tasting menus on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you're looking for an organization to make an in-kind or monetary donation, please consider the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Laura Belden

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