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2 Amys, Wisconsin Ave. and Macomb Street - Great Wine, Small Plates, Pizza, and Desserts - No Longer DOCG Pizza, but Who Cares?

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Some tasty new dishes on the menu at 2 Amy's last night:

Pig tongue salad, excellent (photo below)

Saffron poached cod head terrine, exceptional.

Also, 2 Amy's may make the world's best potato chips. 

2 Amys pig tongue.jpg

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Due to holidays etc it had been a while since sitting at the back bar at 2 Amy's.  The Serenity Now menu was very nice last night.

Excellent oven roasted mussels with garlic, butter, parsley and breadcrumbs.  

A delicious nervetti salad (beef tendon) with toasted bread.

Guinea hen, pretending to be capon, cooked like they do in Mantova, served with tardivo was also very good.

And then we went all in...14 day dry aged 230g tenderloin from a 7 year old dairy cow, served with marrow fat beans and roasted romanesco.  I'm not a big steak guy, but damn that was good, lovely salty outer crust, extremely rare on the inside.  The 150 day dry aged 900g bone-in ribeye looked insane.

We also had the Sicilian anchovies, salt cod fritters, sheep's milk ricotta with a beet-apple-celery salad, and Seville orange chiffon ice cream for dessert. 

Miguel and Tammy were working the bar area and were as lovely as always. 

A bad photo of the steak: 

2 Amys Cow.jpg

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I have to remember to get back here. It's really been a long time since I have been there.

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