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A Limo, Three Hours, and A Final Tour: Where Would You Go?


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As a "last splash" in DC before we move to Dallas, we're thinking of renting a limo for three hours and hitting the bar at a handful of DC's finest food & beverage destinations.  To avoid massive crowding, we're aiming for a Wednesday or Sunday afternoon.  Geography is a constraint; we're seeking a somewhat efficient driving pattern.  But otherwise, cost constraints or food/beverage restrictions are not an issue.

If this were your tour, where would you go, and what would you order?

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If it were me (assuming a ride in from VA):

-Ride down Constitution past the monuments / capital to start off the day

-First stop at Fiola (assuming Jeff is bouncing back and forth) for a cocktail at the bar - what I would order: One of Jeff's Manhattens

-Second stop at Proof (.4 miles up the road) for a glass of wine or one of Adam's cocktails - what I would order: One of the wines by the glass

-Third stop at The Passenger (.4 miles up the road) for one of Derek Brown's cocktails (or you could alternatively hit Hogo or Mockingbird Hill) - what I would order: an old fashioned

-Fourth stop at Corduroy (.2 miles up the road) for a 3 course menu at the bar (assuming at this point some food might do you some good) and a drink - what I would order: would let the bartender decide based on the food

-Fifth stop at Churchkey (.8 miles) for a beer from their draft list - what I would order: one of the churchkey specific beers from Europe that you may not find in Dallas

-Sixth and final stop to POV Lounge at the W for a glass of sparkling wine while looking out over DC (if you do this on Sunday, I would actually move this to the first stop since they're only open till 2pm) - what I would order: a glass of overpriced champagne

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