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Raven Grill (Formerly The Raven), a Mount Pleasant Bar Serving No Food, But Open Since 1935

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Well, they are open until 1:30 AM every single night (2:30 AM on Fri-Sat), so that's something.

Late-Night Restaurants (keep them coming, please).

Yes, this post is a cheesy plug for that thread.

On a separate topic (keeping with the late night options in Mt. Pleasant theme), Raven Grill was named by Esquire Magazine as one of the best bars in America, which I find absolutely hilarious.

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I've, um, never heard of this place.  :unsure:

Many years ago, I tended bar at "The Raven Grill" - one night and 2 days a week. (Seriously, it was, like 25 years ago. And yes, we all just called it "The Raven" then too.)

It was a slow evening. Sitting at the bar were 3 friends of mine, neighborhood guys. Not too many other people in the place. 2 young  kids come in. Sit down. Ask, "What time does the grill close?" (So, obviously new to the neighborhood.)

As I pondered what to say, Brian opened his mouth. (This will not end well.) "1964."

They practically ran out the door.

This was not the intended result, and we felt kinda bad. (But it was an inspired answer.)

I hope they eventually came back.

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 used to serve sandwiches

OK, I just got around to reading that article.

Hm. It still served sandwiches when I worked there, in the 80s. As a matter of fact, that article made me fairly sad, as it made it obvious that a lot has been forgotten.

One of the things that our regulars remembered was Derby Day. Pauline Warren, who owned the place until she died in the early 90s, was this amazing older woman from Kentucky. She would have a party for Derby Day every year. It was the most amazing thing. The old regulars would remember how there used to be a full menu there. But everyone would remember Derby Day, when Pauline would make sure that there was fried chicken, ham, biscuits, deviled eggs, and derby pie. And we would all watch the derby, and toast the picture of Secretariat above the bar. (and recite the Berea College motto, which also hung above the bar.)

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