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Gotham Bar and Grill - Chef Victoria Blamey Replaces Livio Velardo at 2006 National James Beard Award Winning Chef Alfred Portale's Flagship in Greenwich Village - Closed

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I had lunch solo at the bar recently at Gotham Bar and Grill.  I enjoyed the food, but more than that, I was incredibly impressed by the service.  What sticks in my mind is that the bartender was just so nice, yet formal, in the manner in which he checked in during the meal and asked the usual routine questions.  The service was also excellent otherwise.  For example, someone served me a roll promptly, and once I finished it, the bartender asked if I'd like another piece.  None of my usual craning to try to locate and accost the bread server.

My food was delicious.  I started with the yellowfin tuna tartar (menu description: Japanese cucumber, shiso leaf and sweet miso asian ginger vinaigrette).   The mound of tuna included chopped scallion mixed in and was speared with 3 pieces of toasted bread.

I had the miso marinated black cod for my main dish (menu description: bok choy, shiitake mushrooms and sticky rice, soy lemongrass ginger sauce).   The dish had 2 pieces of black cod, and the rice was seasoned.

The bar had boards bridging the gap between the bar and the railing to make it easier to dine (see picture).


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