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Lady Goodknife, Louise Comninaki's Knife Sharpening in Annandale


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Wanted to give a plug for these guys. They have a stand up now in the new Union Market, and I dropped my knives off over the weekend (chef knife that needed to be slightly ground down for a ding on the cutting edge, and a Global paring knife that I despise sharpening myself). All of the work is done on stones, no wheels (except for grinding needed for repair). Really quality service.

If you're in Annandale, we also have our own professional knife sharpener: weezy aka Lady Goodknife.

(Yes, I take care of our own. :))

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thanks, Don!

I appreciate the plug.  The biz is not getting off to a flying start -- website development issues combined with some family stuff and....well, it's a good thing I'm looking long-term here!

Well, you've got my business - it's just a matter of when I can get out to you. As you know, knife-sharpening - like piano tuning - is an *easy* think to put off.

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