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Honoring Drone


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This thread is in memoriam to our member "Drone," known in real life as Eric Nordwall. 

Eric passed away in 2009, but I didn't find out about it until just recently. Eric was a copy editor who worked in California, Michigan, and DC, most recently at USA Today.

His passions were surfing, golfing, and skiing, and as his beloved wife, our own Smita Nordwall said, "He was the first foodie I ever knew." He worked as a restaurant and movie critic, and was even the Market Master at the Kingstowne Farmers Market.

A self-proclaimed "tree-hugger," Eric was a staunch supporter of the Ocean Conservancy and the Sea Shepherd Society. 

Most importantly, according to Smita, "He was funny, a talented writer, an unfailingly loyal friend, and my true love."

I am so sorry, Smita, and may this small tribute serve to remind you that even though Eric is no longer with us, you will never be alone.

Kind regards,
Don Rockwell

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