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Old Overholt 80 Proof Rye, A. Overholt & Co. (a Subsidiary of Jim Bean & Co.), Clermont, KY


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I've very much enjoyed bottlings of Old Overholt in the past, but not this one.

This tasted very generic to me, and is barely identifiable as a Rye. While not unpleasant, it's not what I hoped it would be - it didn't surprise me when I found out it was owned by Jim Beam.

Do any afficiandos have any comments about this particular bottling?

Thanks in advance,


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Current favorite rye for the classic stirred rye cocktails is the Wild Turkey 81-proof rye. The first duty of a rye for classic stirred drinks is to be fragrant, and this one fits the bill. Rittenhouse 100 is too sweet (but makes an awesome Old-Fashioned).

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