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Wine Making Equipment

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I used to buy wine making kits, and make wine in the basement.  But about five years ago, for various reasons, I stopped.  However I still have all of the equipment needed to make wine:

-Two wooden wine racks (unfinished), each of which will hold 104 bottles of wine.

-100 to 125 empty wine bottles

-a device for putting corks in wine bottles

-a bucket for mixing the wine, and three glass containers to hold the wine while it ferments

-a number of miscellaneous things, like an attachment to a facet to use to clean wine bottles, a thermometer, a rack for holding bottles while they dry, items to stir the wine, etc.

Here is a photo of one of the wine racks; here is the corker and one glass container. If interested you can have all of it for $200.

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