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James Glucksman, aka Pandahugga, on Cable TV


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A few years ago, our friend James G. also known as Pandahugga, bought a historic B&B in New Zealand with his partner James, known as J2. You may remember that James G. was the Chinese language interpreter who was able to read Peter Chang's culinary school diploma, tried the food at China Star and alerted all of us about the amazing chef at the helm of that kitchen. It was James' translation of Chang's Chinese menu that made it possible for the rest of us to explore his cuisine beyond the Americanized buffet. After living in Beijing for a few years, James G. and J2 decamped for New Zealand, and James has reinvented himself as an innkeeper, chef and cooking teacher. James will appear on a US cable travel/adventure/cooking show called "Catch and Cook with Adventure Aaron" sometime soon.


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