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High-Level GM Wanted - Washington, DC


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If you're a sous chef or a line cook, you can find work pretty much anyplace in town right now (the salary is another issue entirely).

However, supply is currently outstripping demand for GMs, so decent jobs are tough to come by.

A friend is currently looking for a GM, with the potential to easily earn six figures after bonus (this is not empty talk).

The job:

Base $70-80K

2 Weeks Vacation

Full Health Insurance

45-50 Hour Work Week

2 Back-to-Back Days Off

You are:

A person with a bright personality

Used to working with entrepreneurs

Motivational to your staff

A team maker and builder

Not a stodgy corporate type

Laid back, but with attention to detail

Interested in training people

In other words, this is a real job that can become a career. The location is in DC and Metro-accessible.

Write me at donrockwell@dcdining.com - please send a resume; a cover letter isn't needed unless you want to write just a couple sentences.

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