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Mama Reacer's, The Carter Family's Soul Food on Mt. Vernon Avenue in Del Ray - Closed

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I stopped by tonight with a fried chicken craving and Blue and White Carryout had already closed. This place has recently undergone new management the past couple of months but this was my first time in. (corner of Monroe and Mt. Vernon) 12 bucks with a little extra got me a large quarter dark meat chicken (the drum and thigh attached) two generous sides (Mac and cheese and collard greens) with a homemade sweet tea and lemonade. It took a little over ten minutes to get my food together (I assume they were frying to order) and I chose to eat in. There was only one other patron in the place at the same time as me, and he enthusiastically praised the smothered pork chops. The counter service was friendly and fast. I noticed the cook and cashier both peering curiously as I ate to see if I liked it, but they never asked me directly.


My chicken was fine. Not searingly as hot as the mac and cheese, but with a crunchy-crisp, medium-weight dredged skin that was well-seasoned. Less breading than Popeye's or KFC but more substantial than Korean fried chicken. Not sure if they soaked the chicken in anything before frying, but the meat was moist, if a little bland. The skin made up for the blandness of the meat - you really have to eat the two together, I learned. There is generic hot sauce on every table if you prefer a little kick. My favorite of the sides was the collard greens - they make them with smoked turkey and are obviously made with skill and love. I will try the mashed potatoes next time, they don't come from a box.  The mac and cheese was okay - dusted with paprika and just shy of becoming gummy as I ate. Nothing spectacular.


I will go here when Blue and White is closed (which is after 3:30 on weekdays) It costs just a bit more than smaller carryouts, but it's got high enought quality ingredients and skill to justify it. Convenient and tasty soul food in Del Ray! 

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