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PKNY (was Painkiller), Dive Tiki Bar on Essex and Grand Street, Lower East Side - Closed

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I'm putting this on here as a single topic, not as a series of individual posts because that's what made the most sense to me. Feel free to change that, obviously.

First, a few caveats. I have not been to all, or even most cocktail bars in New York (most notably I have not been to Angel's Share, or Milk and Honey, etc, and I'm very curious to hear people's takes on the spots I'm missing). Others know far more about this topic than me, and certainly have more to offer. In some cases I have only visited the bars listed below a single time, although in most cases I've been at least a few times, and in a heroic effort to crystallize my thoughts on the matter I hit five of the six over one 48 hour period this past weekend.

Second, if you visit any of these places I'm pretty confident that you'll have a good experience, and that you'll get a good cocktail. My main takeaway from this weekend was that, at least of the first five bars, I'd go to whichever is closer and/or has the shortest wait time.

Anyhow, here goes:


Painkiller on the Lower East Side is an excellent, excellent, tiki dive bar.

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