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Steakhouses - Josh Ozersky Reveals Seven Of Their Deadly Sins


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Source: Eater NY

2013_4_OzerskyQL1.pngFrom a new Josh Ozersky post titled "Seven Steakhouse Sins": "One of the many subterfuges contrived by unscrupulous steak house owners is the practice, cynical and odious, of slathering "˜meh' meat with aged beef kidney suet and/or butter and/or marrow, thus to fool you into thinking you are eating something you are not. There is a very famous New York steak house that takes this to an extreme, but I won't say who it is or what bridge it is located beside. " [Eatocracy]

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I vaguely remember being critical of something Josh Ozersky wrote several years ago, but there can be little doubt that the man knows his meat.

As for the beefy picture, I will just say that I wouldn't have done it. :)

He also wrote a similar article last year for Time Magazine.

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