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Ocean Prime, An Ohio Steak and Seafood House Chain in the Former Roy's Space, East Rittenhouse Square

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From the folks who brought you Molly Woo's Asian Bistro:

Source: Philly.com Dining

Not since Philadelphia's Great Steakhouse Rush of 2008-2009 has Center City seen the luxe grandeur of Ocean Prime, which opened this week at 15th and Sansom Streets (124 S. 15th St., 215-563-0163), a $5 million build-out of the former Roy's. This is the 10th Ocean Prime for restaurateur Cameron Mitchell, who owns about 20 restaurants nationwide. Entrees start at $27 for chicken and top at $47 for twin lobster tails. Opens 4 p.m. daily.

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Saw pics posted by a friend in Philly who went to the preview night. Food certainly looks good. Huge portions, which would match with the Midwestern roots of Mitchell's restaurants.

Ate at several Cameron Mitchell restaurants in Columbus, OH back in grad school in the 90's. The Fish Market was pretty good and fresh fish, but also quite expensive. Always a place to go when parents were in town. Ate with regularity at his Cap City diner where I pretty much always got the grilled salmon BLT. Fatty fish and fatty bacon are always going to be a good combo. His food empire has grown considerably since those days. Molly Woo's did not exist back then so I need some enlightenment as to your experience there.

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