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Elisabeth Russell, Health Care Advocate for Patient Navigator, LLC, Falls Church (HC) - Closed


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Elisabeth Russell is one of only several "Health Care Advocates" in the DC area. Health Care Advocates are people you pick up the phone and call when you say to yourself, "I can't take it anymore."

Why would you do this?

Her website has all the information on it, but if you're at the level where you need a healthcare advocate, you don't want to sift through websites anymore, so let me summarize for you:

* Clinical Advocacy - cutting through red-tape when dealing with complex, chronic, medical situations
* Care Coordination - for the chronically ill patient who just can't deal with the bureaucracy anymore
* Medical Research - when you've spend months, even years, trying to find a diagnosis without success
* Insurance Resolution - perhaps the biggest of all, battling the disability and health insurance companies

These four things are taken off your hands, and you have someone slugging it out, in the trenches, with a bureaucracy that makes some of its money by wearing you down and wearing you out. When you just can't do it anymore, and everyday aspects of your life have become nearly impossible, then a healthcare advocate, like Elisabeth Russell, is the person you want going to bat for you.

It's not covered by insurance, and it's not cheap, but *especially* when insurance companies are giving you a hard time withholding funds that you deserve, it pays for itself many times over. 

Elisabeth works on karma, and figures that, for every potential client lost, she will have helped them either get better and more organized during the interview process, or perhaps during negotiations, the situation has resolved. Either way, she doesn't care - she's happy to pay it forward, and her primary goal is to help people get better. Even though I haven't used her first-hand, I know of people who have, and she is a godsend.

She does all the B.S. that you're just too tired to do anymore.

Contact Patient Navigator at:


And while you're there, look at these testimonials: http://www.patientnavigator.com/what-our-customers-are-saying

Where do you start? Click on Get Help Now.

I give Elisabeth the highest recommendation I could that's based on second-hand experience - I've both spoken and written with her, and the thing that strikes me the most is that, while, yes, she does charge for her services (this is, after all, her living), money is not her primary motivator.

Please tell her I referred you; not because there's anything in it for me, but because I want her to know that I'm a great admirer of hers.

Don Rockwell

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Elisabeth is featured in this article in the New York Times today:

"Patient Advocates Help Navigate Health Care" by Constance Gustke on nytimes.com

I'll add that Constance interviewed me for about thirty minutes, and wanted badly to feature me as the lead in the piece, but because of my restaurant work, I didn't want to be photographed, and that was, alas, a deal-breaker. Constance couldn't understand why I didn't want my picture in the paper, and I guess it is an odd situation, but nevertheless, that's the way it was.

(I've been using Elisabeth for over two years now - the other person I was using was in *way* over her head, and I *urge* anyone shopping for health-care advocates in the DC area to *talk with me first* before committing to someone other than Elisabeth - bluntly stated, you need to be warned).

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how anyone with chronic or urgent health issues - who is being buried by medical or insurance bureaucracy - and is either too sick, or too tired (or both), to fight it anymore by themselves - to get in touch with Elisabeth: She is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and I would absolutely recommend her services to my best friends or my family members. Just tell her you're friends with me - we talk once or twice a week, and she is in my closest circle of friends. The money I've spent on her services is some of the best money I've ever spent on anything.

Don Rockwell


[Alas, Elizabeth got bitten by some life-burdens of her own, and was forced to leave this profession. The DC area is *desperately* in need of a capable Patient Advocate (the other one I once used, I cannot and will not recommend, so do your homework!)]

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