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Help With Dining Itinerary Between Philadelphia and DC


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Good morning,

I will be traveling from Philly to DC next week and find myself struggling with lunch options along the way to my hotel in Woodley Park. Pretty much open to anything in the Maryland burbs or northwestern DC. So far, I am looking at Ruan Thai, Ren's Ramen, Nava Thai, Range, 2Amy's.

Budget isn't really a concern, but I will probably hit multiple spots if I go to inexpensive options in Wheaton.

Any feedback is appreciated - thank you!

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Assuming you are driving down the I-95?

Ren's Ramen would be a good choice.

R&R Tacqueria in Elkridge, MD, for gas station tacos.

FishNet, in the College Park, MD area for Turkish inspired, grilled fish sandwiches.

Yes to all three of these, but unless you're a *really* big eater, you should either go to Ren's Ramen alone; or FishNet (small sandwich) + R&R (taco).

Near Ren's is Max's Kosher Cafe which has the best falafel I've ever had.

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Thanks! Ramen and gyoza can be pretty gut-busting, so I will proceed with caution, haha.

The following day (Saturday), I am doing brunch at either Range or VOLT; leaning towards VOLT since I had such a stellar meal there last visit. Both will be en route on my return to Kentucky.

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I'm doing Woodberry for dinner en route to Philly - do you think their brunch outshines dinner? Hell, I may even do both if the dinner is really THAT good.

Oh, then definitely do both Woodberry and Volt - right now, with all the produce coming in, Woodberry Kitchen is culinary heaven. Even if you're alone, sit on the patio if the weather is nice - it changes the entire experience from "noisy gastropub with great food" to "Michelin one-star restaurant in the French countryside." Get the bottle of Loire Valley rosé if you don't have to drive afterwards.

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