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Blackfish, Chef Stephen Howells' Seafood Bistro in Conshohocken

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Anyone have any suggestions for dinner spots? 

For a little bit more fancy, seafood meal, you might want to try Blackfish. I actually just tried this restaurant this past Tuesday and it was good. The service was really great and it's also a BYO. This past Tuesday they had truffled hand-cut fries, which, imo, rivaled those at Poste (though, the ones at Blackfish were cut a bit thicker), which I thought were a steal at $6 for a side portion (which was really large). There are a few non-seafood items (which you can probably see on the online menu) as well. Also, if you didn't want to leave Conshochocken, this place is right on Fayette Street (which is one of the main roads in this town).

Blackfish is nearby in Conshohocken, about a 10 minute drive from KOP.  I haven't been, but heard good things about this little BYOB.  It was all the rage in Philadelphia a few years ago, and it sounds like they're still pumping out good food.

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