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$20 Tuesday at Namaste in South Alexandria?


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I would be interested in a $20 Tuesday.

It's been too long since we've had one.

Smita, would you like to organize this? Just keep posting, often, and it will get peoples' attention. I'd love to see $20 Tuesdays and TMB Clubs start meeting again.

On the TMB Clubs, *I* know where people live, but I don't feel at liberty to connect people with their neighbors. It would be a violation of privacy to hook neighbors up via PMs, right? (My impression is yes, but my intent is only to help foster people becoming friends with their neighbors. For example, I'd love to hook up the (few) members we have in College Park, just so they know the others exist. I really want someone to review China Cafe, and would *love* to send a group PM, but I just don't feel right doing it.

Maybe on each TMB thread, people can chime in, saying that they're in that neighborhood? And if 3-4 people do, they can work out their own gatherings? It would make me so happy if 3-4 people had dinner together, in different areas, a few times a week around town - I don't even have to know about it.

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Sorry for the delay folks. But as they say about the best laid plans.... my work schedule has changed so I am no longer able to do a Tuesday dinner. If others want to stay with a Tuesday dinner, I will happily organize it. Or, we could meet up for lunch on any day or a Friday dinner. 

"$20 Tuesdays" is just a name; the events don't need to be on a Tuesday. Honestly, it could end up being two people just meeting for lunch, and that would be fine. :)

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