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El Sombrero, Mexican at 108 Stanton Street in Lower East Side - Open Under New (Related) Management

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Hugh Merwin of Grubstreet.com reports that El Sombrero aka "The Hat," at 108 Stanton Street in Lower East Side, will be closing this October after being in business for 30 years. It's going to be replaced by an Artichoke Pizza.

Source: Grub Street New York

Stanton Street has a very different nighttime scene when the restaurant offered margaritas to go.

The deal is reportedly not yet finalized, but Stanton Street institution El Sombrero is said to be closing permanently, perhaps as soon as November. EV Grieve and Bowery Boogie picked up on the change of ownership by scouring CB3 Manhattan's October agenda, which lists Artichoke Basille's Pizza as the incoming tenant vying for a full liquor license.

The family-owned restaurant, also known as The Hat, has been serving enormous burritos and huge portions of fried fish and carne asada since 1984, not to mention ...

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The deal with Artichoke Pizza fell through.

El Sombrero sputtered onward past Oct, 2013.

But then, it closed anyway on Mar 22, 2014.

Then reopened with new owners on Apr 1, 2014.

Then closed for renovations in mid-May, 2014.

And now, it's open for real as of Nov, 2014.

The new owners, Jose Almonte and Jose Almonte, Jr., are related to the owners of the past 30 years, so the business stayed in the family.

"The All-New El Sombrero Soft Opens Tomorrow Night" on evgrieve.com (written Nov 12, 2014).

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