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Xochitl, Modern Mexican in Head House Square, S. 2nd and Pine Street in Society Hill

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While attending a Fringe Festival production in the neighborhood we decided to give Xochitl a try for dinner.  We were seated right on time and the wait staff was very responsive.  They do an interesting take on the table-side guacamole where you get to customize your ingredients.  We stuck with pretty basic ingredients, except for shaved black truffle which really didn't add all that much additional richness.  We share the ceviche and thought it was very light and citrusy.  I had the Shrimp Nogada which was incredibly rich, cheesy and stuffed in a poblano pepper.  My daughter had the Pollo Frito which was fine...but not terribly memorable.  We ordered dessert but all I can remember is that the mexican chocolate mousse just had too much cayenne heat to be a fully enjoyable dessert.

The margaritas were well mixed and the service quite attentive. They were nice enough to come find us when my daughter had left behind her sweater.  Overall the right restaurant in the right location for us.  A bit pricy but relatively solid interior Mexican food.

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Xochitl is a restaurant that has been through much upheaval. Originally owned by Michael Solomonov (did you Washingtonians know that he opened this *before* Zahav?), it changed ownership and chefs (Dionicio Jimenez went to Starr Restaurants, and Gabriel Montalvo is now doing consulting work), and there's a lot of outdated information on the internet. Does anyone know who the chef is now?

Also, I'm questioning the correct pronunciationi of Xochitl. The website says it's pronounced "so-cheet,' but a young lady on YouTube - who clearly knows - says it's pronounced "so-cheel." Is it the kind of word where it's sort of an amorphous t-and-l blob? (It means "flower" in Nahuatl btw; now, if I only knew how to pronounce the amorphous t-and-l blob in "Nahuatl.")

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