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The East Pole, Upper East Side, From the Owners of The Fat Radish and Brinkley's - Chef Nicholas Wilber on E. 65th Street and Lexington Avenue

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Chef Nicholas Wilber has departed The Fat Radish after three years to run the kitchen at Upper East Side's The East Pole.

Source: Grub Street New York


In the fickle realm of restaurant and dining trends"”as in the fickle realms of high art, luxury fashion, and almost everything else you can think of"”the Upper East Side has always been a sheltered, cosseted backwater. Although we're more than a decade into the great comfort-food revolution, the avenues east of the Park are still mostly devoid of haute-burger joints (I'll go to JG Melon, thank you) and stripped-down, no-reservation dining bars (unless you count the old Irish ones). There are no neo-barbecue pits on the Upper East Side or trendy fried-chicken shacks ...

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