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Rusty's Ribs' N BBQ - Grillmaster Russell "Rusty" Clark's Trailer Near Route 3 and Route 175, Gambrills

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Rusty's is my single favorite bbq place in the DC area. It's just a food truck in the middle of Route 3 - 704 Rt 3 in Gambrills. Been open about a year and half - initially no seating but they added a few picnic tables early this year.

The pork ribs are what you want - they're simply fantastic. The spicy sauce - just the right mix of spicy and sweet - complements the ribs extremely well. The chicken and pulled pork are really good too, but can't match the ribs. The sides are a real strong point, especially the baked beans and potato salad.

I must admit I've been disappointed with the brisket. Just too lean for my taste. Chopped, not sliced. I learned on my last visit that they mix the lean and fatty sides of the brisket when chopping the brisket, but that you can request either the fatty/lean alone. So I'll probably give the brisket one more shot.

The place draws people from both DC and Baltimore, it's that good. Having been to a bunch of local bbq including Hill Country, Rocklands, Pit Stop, George's Ribs, Slab o'Ribs, Buzz and Ned's, and BBQ Exchange, this is still my favorite spot in the area.


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