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Albemarle CiderWorks (great craft apple ciders fron central Virginia)

Joe Riley

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These are seriously interesting and fun to drink: http://www.albemarleciderworks.com/

It 'ain't Martinelli's, that's for darned sure, and I'd venture to say that these ciders are even *BETTER* than the great ciders I've had from Normandy, France, even from such notable French cider producers as Eric Bordelet.

The sheer variety of what's available here is fantastic; seven different bottlings available right now.  These folks are intent upon preserving heirloom apples and varietals that most of us have probably never heard of.  One of these ciders has something like 30 different types of apples used in it!

They all cost about $17 per 750ml.

Here are the tasting notes from Albemarle CW:

"We craft artisanal ciders that capture the unique qualities of Virginia's finest apples"

2011   Jupiter's Legacy
Jupiter's Legacy has a bright acidity with notes of citrus. Made
from a blend of Black Twig, Winesap, Albemarle Pippin, a
mix of classic cider varieties and several crab varieties, this
cider has a smooth tannin and a tart apple finish. Elegant with
cream sauces or chicken dishes.  8.2% ABV

2012   GoldRush
GoldRush, a newer apple, provides the juice for this single
varietal. The strong  grapefruit  flavor  is is pleasantly fin-
ished with a note of honey. It would pair well with salads
or fish dishes.  10% ABV

The Albemarle Pippin, besides being an exquisite dessert and
culinary apple, makes a delightful varietal. Royal Pippin has
notes of grape, with a well balanced acidity and a lush apple
taste. It pairs splendidly with shelfish and pork.  8.5% ABV

2012   Old Virginia Winesap
A  single  varietal,  Old  Virginia  Winesap  is  made  entirely
of Winesap apples. With notes of baked apple and herbal
lemon, this cider compliments roasted root vegetables and
ham biscuits.  7.5% ABV

2011   Ragged Mountain
With a touch of sweetness, Ragged Mountain is our most tra-
ditional cider. It is an off-dry blend made from Albemarle
Pippin, Goldrush, Pink Lady, and Stayman. With a simple,
fruity  nose,  this  cider  has  a  Champagne  feel  and  a  short,
crisp finish. Ragged Mountain pairs well with cheese plates,
spicy ethnic dishes, or is easily enjoyed on its own.  8.2% ABV

2011   Pomme Mary
This fruity cider is made from vintage American cider apples
and is enhanced by a bit of sweetness. It sports mellow notes
of tropical fruits. This cider is very palate friendly and is en-
joyed with lighter spicy foods, fried chicken dinners or on its
own.  8.5% ABV

2011   Red Hill
Red Hill is a blend of traditional cider varieties melded with
the juice of Winesap and Albemarle Pippin apples. It is a
complex and earthy dry cider with a bright acidity and tart
apple flavor. Red Hill's light tannin pairs well with lighter
meats such as pork, chicken or turkey as well as with oys-
ters, creamy blue cheeses, and veal scallopini.  8.1% ABV

For what it's worth, the Pomme Mary is the (relatively) "sweetest" of the bunch, and the Red Hill seems like the ideal Thanksgiving cider, but each and every one of these is wonderful and being able to try all of them in one setting gave me a stronger appreciation for their unique characteristics.

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Joe, thanks for posting that. One of my best friend's wife (and the best friend to my brother's wife, parse that as you will) LOVES cider and doesn't, in our (me, him, my brother maybe) opinion drink enough. She'd love these!

Do you have them in stock?

Yep, sure do :)

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