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TMB - South Alexandria


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I've noticed that we have a fairly substantial contingent from South Alexandria; yet, I'm not at liberty to disclose people's identities without their permission.

I would love to be able to hook up people from that area, but they're going to need to "opt in."

Could you write me if you're interested in getting to know a group of like-minded diners from your area, and I'll hook you up? Unless you're pro-active, I can't do it for obvious reasons.

So either post here, or write me privately - I think we can form a nice-sized TMB fraternity/sorority south of the beltway in Alexandria.



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I live in south Alexandria, near Ft. Belvoir, & I'll meet anyone, anytime to try some food (& I travel for food, too). This end of the county does not have the high end, special occasion restaurants that areas closer to DC have, but what it does have is good, reasonably priced lunch/ dinner choices. I'm pretty picky about my food (you can only consume so much, so it better be good), & I'm a decent cook, so I have to judge my meals on whether I could make it better myself, at home.

This area is different from where I grew up, there are so many choices (almost too much good food to try). I was looking over the August 2013 issue of the Washingtonian today (Cheap Eats), & even though I hadn't tried most of their choices (highest count was Korean, 3/5-Gamasot, Honey Pig, Kogiya), I could think of places I've tried in almost every other category (OK, not Cuban & Caribbean, but there's an African place across the street, Rahama, that I haven't tried yet & the only Ethiopean I've had is Caboose Cafe, but there's a place in Springfield I want to try, Merkamo). So if anyone wants to try anything south of the beltway & north of Richmond (I still want to go to Fredericksburg to try Peter Chang's restaurant), give me a shout. I don't know, though, whether the restaurants down here are travel-worthy-I like them, but I don't have to fight traffic, either.

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FWIW, we have very active membership from numerous locations (I just happened to notice South Alexandria because it's culinarily obscure). I'd love to link people up in the general case, but I can't. So maybe the best way to do this is for people to start a TMB thread for their neighborhoods, and for others to either PM them (if they want to remain private) or chime in.

Right now, we have these threads (note there's already one for Alexandria - we could merge the two). I'm all for creative names and even team mascots and t-shirts, so please feel free to use your imaginations. :)

My main job here is to stay out of people's way, and to help organize as I can without being intrusive. Maybe I'll start a TMB sub-forum?

In case anyone hasn't noticed, I've been making a diligent attempt to get to know our members better behind the scenes, and that's how I realized that so many of you live near each other. This knowledge is both a blessing (because I *want* to know everyone) and a curse (because I'm pretty sure most of you would like to meet each other, but your personal information must remain private).

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Well if anyone is up for Korean, I'm sure we could put something together.  Kogiya is good (albeit not exactly South Alexandria, El Paso just off of Rt 1 in Hybla Valley is decent Tex-Mex, Midori in the Ft. Belvoir area is good Korean.  Let me know what you like and what you'd like to eat and we can make it work.

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Count me in.   Although with work being crazy lately, my participation may be limited.

There doesn't need to be anything Grand about these get-togethers. I wish we had them several times a week around the DC area, (including in the area I covet the most: Prince Georges County), even if it's only a four-top each time.

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