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Thomas Tew Pot-Still Rum - Newport, RI


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I tried a bottle of Thomas Tew Authentic Pot-Still Rum (Barrel #93, 84 Proof) tonight, and it was fairly prominent with alcohol, without a whole lot else going on other than its strength.

The connoisseur must respect certain methods that are used here: each rum is single-barrel, and never blended with any other barrel, producing a very charismatic, individualistic rum that should not be confused with anything but what it is: a very American-style rum.

I can see where old-time sea-farers might have enjoyed this as a strong drink to welcome them home, and in their hometown taverns, but for my palate this isn't much different than a corn whiskey - semi-sweet and strong.

I'm curious to hear what other connoisseurs think about Tew Rum. Believe me, I have no reason not to like it, especially in the way it was presented to me (long story). But the flavor just isn't there; the strength, yes. The flavor, no.

Strength without finesse. That's what I get in Thomas Tew. Are there any other offerings? I'm open to try other things.

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I've tried it, but my memory for how it tasted isn't with me.  I think I concluded at the time that, while it was interesting, it wasn't something that I *had* to carry.

I'm also an economies-of-scale guy; I probably figured out what I'd have to retail it for, and determined that there were more compelling rums for the same money, or less.

Cool looking bottle, though.  The rum itself might lend interest to tiki drinks, rather than be a straight sipper.

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