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Barbuto, Chef-Owner Jonathan Waxman's Seasonal Italian on Washington Street in West Village - Closing May 31, 2019

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On 10/19/2013 at 10:35 PM, adjen said:

Looking for below midtown. Fun but not insanely loud. Looking for 5:30 or 6 because of four year old. Bonus points for great beer list. Not fish-focused. Vegetarian-accommodating. Any suggestions???


Eight of us middle aged types just celebrating life nestled in at Barbuto last March one afternoon from 2pm to about 5pm.and ordered their family style fixed-price menu (plus a few additional add-ins as I recall).  We just told them we were hungry and left the rest to them.  The food was quite good and the atmosphere was fun.  I recall the kale and chicken being standouts, as well as the fish they offered us off menu for an upcharge (Dover sole?).  I can no longer remember the beer list, but I do recall half of our bunch drinking beer through the meal, and this tends to be a wine crowd, so that may say something.

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Well, Jonathan Waxman is still going strong at Barbuto in the W. Village and we go there periodically, especially for the chicken (website)

We were here again last Friday for lunch.  We ordered the Family Style fixed price where they bring you larger portions of selected menu items to share (they do suggest the selections but they ask you if you have any preferences and will work with you to make sure you get what you like).  While everything was very good, the chicken definitely should not be missed, nor should the kale appetizer.

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