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Cottage Food Act


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Is anybody following this?  It's a bill in the DC Council to allow home-cooked foods to be sold at farmers markets or public events, subject to labeling requirements, complaint-driven inspections, and an annual revenue cap of $25,000.

I'm not in the industry, but I was wondering what those who are think about this proposal.  I wonder how it'll affect a project like Union Kitchen, but I don't know anything about the economics of start-ups. 

Text of the legislation is here:  http://dcclims1.dccouncil.us/images/00001/20131003115456.pdf

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Sort of following it.  I spoke to CM Cheh about it back in August and recommended two changes based on discussions with a leading food safety expert.  I'm glad to see she incorporated them - mainly requiring labels to have all ingredients and not mandating nutrition labeling which would be costly for producers and bring them into USDA/FDA jurisdiction.

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