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Bambu Desserts & Drinks, a California-Based Vietnamese Chè and Drinks Franchise in Eden Center

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I found out about Bambu on yelp, actually, when I was looking for pho places this past weekend. Since it was a few doors down from Rice Paper and kiddie-corner from Song Que, I thought it was a good time to try.

The shop is small, with very minimal seating (a few chairs and benches). The interior is much like a frozen yogurt shop but more zen-like.

It just has chè, cold and hot coffee/coffee-based drinks, and smoothies here, which was a great way to end a meal.

I got a green bean, grass jelly, coconut milk chè ($4) and it was good, but a tad on the sweet side for me. I would definitely come back to try the other options.

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After a nice lunch, I stopped by with my two kids for something sweet.  My husband and I got two different drinks and asked for extra cups because our kids have colds, we didn't want to share.

They charge 50cents more a cup. That, combined with the fact that they do not take credit cards (a personal pet peeve) made me decide to never darken their doorway again.

I know cups cost money and I don't mind paying for a cup but not price-gouging.

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