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"Rush" (2013), Director Ron Howard and Starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl


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On 10/14/2013 at 9:54 AM, B.A.R. said:


I'm going to use this opportunity to sneak in a recommendation for Rush, the only racing movie I've ever actually liked*.  Although the writers played with some historical facts regarding the main characters**, the racing sequences are spot-on accurate and totally believable -none of this "can they really do that?!" Hollywood special effects bs.  And, the racing sequences are mercifully short and serve to further the story, which is about a rivalry between two men.  It's not a paean to F1 (that's a compliment, and it comes from an F1 fan).

*aside from Senna, but that's a documentary

**example: the reporter really was beaten up but no one ever found out who actually did it

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This morning, I woke up at 4:45 AM, and was looking over the website. Just for grins, I came into this forum, and wanted to see what the oldest thread was - it was this.

For that reason, and because I'd never before seen "Rush," I decided to watch it, and just finished it not five-minutes ago.

My initial impression: "Rush" is a Top 10 movie of my lifetime.

I'm going over other movies around the Ten-slot: "Barton Fink" - I think I like "Rush" better. "Vertigo" - I think I like Rush better.

Never having given any rankings, I may well be selling it short, saying it's "Top 10" material; I may also change my mind, but this is my initial impression.


Jun 19, 2015 - "Niki Lauda: 'I Wish James Hunt Could Have Seen Rush'" on telegraph.co.uk


I can't remember where I said this, but I'm going to say it again: Ron Howard is, or will be, one of the most important people in Hollywood history. Forgetting stuff like "Rush" (terrible, awful title, btw) and "Apollo 13," he goes from the insidiously silly "Arrested Development," back to "Happy Days,"  (in one episode, about forty-years ago, he makes an astoundingly ironic comment about George Blanda), "The Shootist" (still my second-favorite Western ever behind the immortal "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"), "American Graffiti," "The Andy Griffith Show," and even played in an original "The Twilight Zone" episode almost sixty years ago! And all of his stuff is good!

The guy was born in 1954, and had an uncredited, bit part in the 1956 film, "Frontier Woman." His father, Rance Howard ( Harold Rance Beckenholdt), looked just like Ron, and lived to be 89. It is not impossible that Howard could have an *80-year career* in television and movies!


ETA - Full disclosure: I've since seen "In Bruges," and I may have liked that even more than "Rush," so that just goes to show that people's memories are only as good as the last film they've seen. "Top 10" material puts you in serious territory - for example, where do films like "Babette's Feast," as well as all the other *amazing* foreign films,  rate? Bergman? Truffaut? Tarkovsky? Nah, "Rush" can't be Top 10 ... can it? Can "Barton Fink?" Hmmph.

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I adore Chris Hemsworth as Thor (3>1>2) but Rush is an absolute must-see for any of his fans. His character is, ahem, even hotter than Thor (in both looks and attitude), a bit more layered, and allows the actor to show off some genuine chops.  Also, the movie's storyline and acting quality is interesting enough to draw interest from racing-haters. I genuinely enjoyed it overall and not just for the scenery 😉

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