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Bavarian Limousine - Ben Keller's Limousine Service in a BMW 750Li, with Water, Coffee, and Snacks Available (HC)

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Three times this past year I've decided to skip driving myself to the airport/train station and use a car service.  Friends recommended Uber, but instead I called a friend of a friend who has his own little business: Ben Keller of Bavarian Limousine.  Ben drives a nicely appointed BMW 750Li.  He is punctual, courteous, and a very good driver, and provides bottled water, and coffee and snacks if you request it.

I can't say if his prices are reasonable since I have no basis for comparison. But I can tell you this: "very good" is high praise from me.  As a former professional security/high threat driving instructor, motorsports instructor, and amateur racing driver, I pretty much think all drivers seriously suck and should have their licenses revoked*.  The fact that I trust someone enough to pay him to let me sit in the back seat while he drives should speak volumes**.


**not hyperbole

Ben Keller

Bavarian Limosine




Elizabeth Miller

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