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Dale's Smokehouse - Roadside Slow-Smoked Barbecue on Indian Head Highway in Indian Head

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Between Dale's, George's, and Slab O'Ribs, Indian Head is the epicenter for good bbq ribs in the DC area.

I've only visited Dale's once, but I have to say it really impressed. The ribs are simply outstanding - the sauces are nothing special but they're not needed at all. Good meaty ribs with a really nice bark. I would have taken a photo but I devoured the ribs as soon as I opened them up. In my book, the ribs are only second to Rusty's in Gambrills.

Sweet potatoes side disappointed, lacking any real flavor. But the baked beans were really good with a nice sweet flavor.

Go for the ribs!

Dale's Smokehouse
4645 Indian Head Highway
Indian Head, MD

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