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Police Escort Cancer Patient From Morton's Steakhouse In Nashville Steakhouse


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"Police Escort Customer From Nashville Steakhouse [Morton's] After He's Forced To Remove Hat" by David Edwards on rawstory.com

"A steakhouse in Nashville has responded to complaints that its staff forced a cancer patient to remove his hat over the weekend because he did not have a note from his doctor.

"According to WZTV, the controversy started when a group of 16 people were finishing up a $2,000 company Christmas dinner at Morton's Steakhouse when one man, who is being treated with chemotherapy and is sensitive to the cold, decided to put on a wool cap for warmth."


Classy. Real classy.

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Most of "these" types of articles don't cause the slow burn that this one does for me.

There's a cold place in hell waiting for these people.

That said, Morton's (the corporation) deserves a chance to respond - they issued a pretty strong statement, and hopefully they'll follow through with it.

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