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Du-Par's Hamburger Hamlet, After Changing Owners, Closed in Both Bethesda and Crystal City

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Oh my.  I was friendly with the guy with the Hamburger Hamlet chain that opened those restaurants, a third Hamlet in Georgetown, Portners in Olde Town and other Hamlets in Chicago and Atlanta.  That goes back to the early 80's.  Ralph Capobianco.  He was full of energy, enthusiasm, and dynamic and seemed to be revered by many of his employees.  He ultimately went on his own with investors and opened a number of places in Alexandria and elsewhere.   Ralph sadly passed away a few years ago.

I lived in North Bethesda for a number of years and surprisingly HH in North Bethesda might have been the best quality restaurant in that area (there just wasn't any competition)...and at least did a decent and always reliable job.  Again that goes back to the 80's and early 90's.

A thirty year run more or less.  Sad to see it end, if only if it brings back memories of a dynamic and terrific personality

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The Crystal City Hamburger Hamlet closed in Jan, 2014. I've spent a good deal of time trying to figure out what, if anything, has replaced it, but given that I'm not sure which space it was (it was part of the massive arcade at 1750 Crystal Drive, "The Shops at Crystal City," and I'm not even sure if they had an outside entrance), it's not possible. I can confirm that, per Vornado's, i.e., Charles E. Smith's map, there are plenty of vacancies in this arcade right now.

"Hamburger Hamlet Now Closed In Crystal City" on arlnow.com

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