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"Moving Without Mom,"� (2011) on Today.com - One Ohio Family Keeps Mom Alive Through Pictures


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03/06/15 - "Widowed Father who Touched America by Recreating Wedding Photos with His Adorable Three-Year-Old Daughter Reveals How She Still Asks for Her Mommy ... But He Is Rebuilding Their Lives" by Sophie Jane Evans on dailymail.co.uk.

Any man who loves his wife and daughter that much has a space in the deepest chambers of my heart.

It sucks for that little daughter who will never know her mother.

It sucks even more for the father who lost his wife, has to see his daughter not knowing her mother, and has to live knowing that his wife will never have known her daughter.

It sucks most of all for the mother who died and will never have known her daughter.

Certain stories cut close to the bone, and this one does.

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