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Dr. Robert Feier, Dupont Circle Chiropractic - Open, Patient-Oriented Exams Near The Metro


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A member of DR recommended Dupont Circle Chiropractic (based on raves from his colleagues), so I decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment.  I started seeing a chiropractor in Atlanta about two years ago, but since she was also a very close friend of mine, I was somewhat concerned that I wouldn't feel as comfortable with any doctor here in DC.

The office is very convenient to the Dupont Circle Metro station, and though it is a small space, it is clean and comfortable.  Ariana, the office assistant, is friendly and helpful, and she knew me by name after only a couple of visits.   When I have had to cancel or change appointments, they have been extremely flexible and understanding.

Dr. Feier is definitely a character - he has a dry/sarcastic sense of humor (which I like, but may not be for everyone), and he is very direct when he speaks (no coddling, not a lot of small talk).  He is very knowledgeable, and I did not have any issues understanding the information and feedback he provided regarding my situation and his recommended course of treatment.  I have never felt pressured to do anything I wasn't comfortable with.  It's important to note that the exam area is open, so there are often multiple patients doing various things simultaneously.  In some cases, Dr. Feier even engages one patient to review aspects of another patient's case (with permission, of course), which helps everyone learn.  I think that's the key - Dr. Feier wants his patients to learn about what causes their issues and why he's addressing them in a particular way.  In addition to talking to his patients, Dr. Feier uses technology (videos/presentations on iPad and audio tracks on iPod) to impart more knowledge about chiropractic philosophies and methods.

I have been seeing Dr. Feier for a little over a month now, and he and I have both noticed a lot of progress being made.  My treatment involves both adjustments and traction, and I have not had any issues with either.

Bottom line, I would definitely recommend Dupont Circle Chiropractic.

Betty Joan Thurber Rhoades

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