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J.G. Melon - Cash-Only Hamburger Hut on 3rd Avenue and E. 74th Street in Upper East Side

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To date my favorite burger in NYC is Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger, although the $28 price tag doesn't allow me to splurge too often.  Last weekend while on the Upper East Side my girlfriend suggested we try J.G. Melon.  It was around 2:30pm so we only had to wait five minutes.  I won't go in to much detail about the history of the place, although it probably deserves a spot in the Oldest Establishments thread.

The burger was a close second to Minetta.  Nothing fancy about it; great char on the outside, a juicy medium rare on the inside, melted cheddar, a few pickles/onions, all for $11 (see pic below).


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I used to live on E. 76th St., basically a 2 minute walk from Melon's.  Home to mayors and other assorted politicos, actors, singers, artists, comics and anyone else who wants a really great burger at a reasonable (these days) price.  We still head uptown occasionally for the burger or on our way back from the Met.

It's one of my top 5 burgers in Manhattan. The cottage fries ain't bad, either.

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Good burger but nothing special in my opinion. Servers were super cranky which I actually enjoyed and fit in with the establishment. CASH ONLY. Fries were average.

Actually went back last time I was up and had a much better burger, fries (chips) were still average, but the burger is definitely worth it. 

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